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Environmental technician screening the west excavation facing south

CN has addressed soil impacts at the derailment site by excavating the impacted material.  Soil samples were collected to the depth of the groundwater table on both sides of the railway.  Soil samples were collected from the excavation extents to confirm that no contaminated soil was left behind.  CN is currently preparing the soil remediation documentation which will be submitted to the regulators as part of the final report.  

Eight soil containment cells were constructed at the site to temporarily hold contaminated material, before transporting the soil off site to the Cartier disposal facility.  The containment cells were large pits, lined with an impermeable (water-tight) liner.  All of the eight containment cells have been completely emptied, decommissioned, and backfilled.  Soil samples were collected from each decommissioned cell to confirm that all impacted soil was removed.

Two of the eight containment cells were reconstructed and used as laydown areas for the GeotubesTM as part of the sediment removal activities.  These cells have also been emptied and decommissioned.