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Next Steps for 2017

Posted on Friday March 31, 2017

Remaining Winter Activities

With the onset of winter weather, heavy equipment left the site in December 2016 and containment booms were removed from the river prior to freeze-up.

The site is being monitored electronically on a daily basis and personnel are carrying out regular Site inspections of containment areas and overall site conditions throughout the winter.

The site continues to be open to the public visiting on foot. To protect rehabilitation areas, CN is asking the public not to enter the site on motorized vehicles. Also, objects buried in snow within the rehabilitation areas may cause personal injury or damage to vehicles.

Spring and Summer Activities

Site restoration activities will resume during the spring thaw. CN will monitor weather conditions and forecasts, in consultation with local community and First Nations leaders as well as regulatory agencies, to determine the appropriate time to resume on-site activities for 2017. Once the ice has cleared from the river, CN will redeploy booms in a similar configuration as 2016. River booms are currently stored on-site for easy access, if needed.

CN will conduct shoreline cleanup assessments of the Makami River and Minisinakwa Lake downstream of the derailment site during the spring thaw. The assessments will help determine the condition of the river. Restoration and investigative work will continue throughout 2017:

  • CN will continue to monitor the surface water quality by conducting sampling events and observations of sheen and product on Makami River.
  • CN will continue to monitor the groundwater quality by conducting sampling events.
  • CN will conduct sediment and benthic sample collection from the Makami River.
  • CN will continue on-Site restoration including placement of additional topsoil, seeding, and planting.
  • CN will continue to address product in the rail bed by monitoring the collection trench and will conduct additional delineation on the rail track.
  • CN will continue to monitor ecological aspects including tree plots, aquatic plants in the wetlands, nest boxes and cylinders, and wildlife.
  • CN will continue Community Engagement by maintaining the website, the phone line, public meetings if required, and Site tours if requested.

CN will continue to repair the environmental damage that followed the 2015 derailment. We take the health and safety of residents, wildlife, and the ecosystem very seriously.

Please contact a CN site representative at 705-266-4417 with any questions or concerns.